Wrinkle Removal LED Device

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Wrinkle Removal and Anti-aging Device Featured
Wrinkle Removal LED Device

$66.99 $59.99

Remove your wrinkles and slow down the aging process with this fantastic massager

This device brings you one of the newest technologies in the beauty industry. Wether you want to massage your face in a daily basis to keep it beautiful, or simply remove wrinkles from your face, this massager device is the best choice for you!

The device uses multiple therapy types and combines them. As a result, you get a product that has everything you need to take care of your skin!

Wrinkle Removal and Anti-aging Device Product

What this wrinkle removal and anti-aging device do

  1. Wrinkle removal and skin firming
  2. Healing black circles and eye bags
  3. General face massage and increases blood circulation
  4. Slows down aging process by keeping your face skin active

What does it do its magic

  • Microcurrent. Device’s four bipolar electrical points give small and random electric current to your face. As a result, It softly stimulates muscles, and impacts skin’s elasticity.
  • Electropartition. This device helps to carry collagen and hyaluronic acid to your skin’s deeper layers. As a result, helps you to keep your skin young and fresh.
  • RF. These two letters stand for Radio Frequency. In skin therapy, this technology is used to tighten your skin with RF energy. It heats up the tissues and stimulates sub-dermal collagen production. In other words, that is a great therapy type for keeping the skin healthy and reducing fat around it.
  • Mesoportation. This is where mesotherapy and electroporation meets. As you might know, Mesoportation is a therapy type where your skin is stimulated with micro-needles to deliver active ingredients to the deeper layers of your skin
  • LED. This light therapy is often used to provide zero pain skin-care procedures. In fact, this is a great companion in other types of therapies as well. Therefore, the technique works through sensitive LED lights specifically designed for beauty equipment, which make sure to provide the best procedure without damaging the skin. On top of that, this is also great for a wrinkle removal!

LED Therapy Modes:

  • Red. Accelerates blood stimulation and skin cell activity;
  • Yellow. Balances skin sensitivity;
  • Green. Treats dark spots;
  • Blue. Softens the skin tension, and helps with acne.
  • Pink and Pink Flashing. Enhance the absorption of skin care products

Wrinkle Removal and Anti-aging Device

Wrinkle Removal and Anti-aging Device Package Includes

  • 1 Machine Pen, 1 USB + Charger base, 1 User Manual

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