USB Cable for iPhone

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Our long-lasting strong USB Cable for iPhone will be your favorite smartphone accessory. 

This cable has a different length, depending on your needs. Unbreakable, it is durable up to 275 pounds and can survive more than 30,000 rotations or elbow at an angle of 90 degrees. Let’s face it, no USB Cable for iPhone is really unbreakable.

USB Cable for iPhone

This is what you can do with this Cable for iPhone:

  • Charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod when it is on a USB Cable for iPhone.
  • Synchronize your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or import your photos when connected to a USB Cable on your Mac or PC.
  • Insert a remote control – Siri, if it is not a USB – – port on a Mac C connected to the charger, PC or USB-C.
  • Load Apple accessories, such as a mouse, keyboard or Magic Trackpad.
  • Use your iPhone or iPad as a personal access point when connected to Lightning with a USB-C cable.

USB Cable for iPhoneUSB Cable for iPhone

When you bought your iPhone or iPad, you probably received a standard USB Cable for iPhone in the box. However, if you want to charge your device at work or in other rooms without having to carry this cable. Then, you must invest in one or more replacement cables.

You can also add some prefer a little more, so you can use your iPhone easily if they are plugged in. Thereby, something a little stronger, able to survive tugs, knocks or unwanted attention of a pet and a child.

A USB Cable for iPhone is a great tool and also is quite short (4 inches). With its robust copper mesh and aluminum foil, it is wear-resistant. Anker is one of the most reliable manufacturers of Apple charging accessories. And its “power line” has all the qualities to be a first-class Lightning-to-USB cable.

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