Towel Bra

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This perfect invention is a towel that covers your neck and holds your boobs up! You can freely walk around shirtless after the shower without any hesitation.

During hot summer days, this towel bra will make things easier for you. No more sweaty down your stomach from boobs. The bra is available online for sale, with a variety of colors. Choose the one for yourself and your beloved ones. As soon as you get home, take off your bra and put your towel bra on. You will immediately feel the comfort that this bra gives you. Your boobs will be strapped around your back without any tight straps. It is also perfect to wear after a shower. No more under-boob sweat with Towel Bra.

Towel Bra

How you can benefit from this innovative towel bra? 

  • Towel bra specific design that’s meant to keep your boobs from sweating when it’s hot outside. You can take your shirt off whenever it is hot. This bra will help you to cool down and keep your underboob dry.
  • Get out of the shower, put on a shirt and instantly, your panties begin to stick to your skin. Well not yet! With the slogan “Keep them dry, keep them dry”, the towel bra keeps your breasts in place so they don’t stick to the heat of summer. The towel-shaped cloth slides over one breast, around the neck, like a halter, and over the other.

Towel Bra

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Towel Bra



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