Toilet Pumice Stone

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Let your toilet look shine and super white. An amazing toilet pumice stone will help you to get rid of all stains on your toilet, sink, and washbasin easily. You will be able to save your time and energy that you spend on scrubbing each time.

Being healthy starts with ourselves, as well as from our nearest environment. The most common environment for everyone is his/her home. Therefore, you should keep your home healthy and clean in order to prevent any anti-sanitary. Toilets and basins are the places that we should be careful with in terms of bacteria and hygiene. If you suffer from cleaning your toilets and washbasins, then KANGOEX has an excellent suggestion for you. The toilet pumice stone is a perfect household tool that will ease your housework many times. It is a special stone for scrubbing your toilets and eliminate the dirt and stain within a very short time.

Toilet Pumice Stone

How to make your bathroom and kitchen hygienic and shiny?

  • The toilet pumice stone is a fantastic cleaning tool that is designed for places such as toilet, sinks, and washbasins. It helps you to clean the hardest dirt and stains easily without touching them. Therefore, it creates hygiene for you while cleaning and after cleaning.
  • The material for the toilet pumice stone is pumice stone and plastic. The stone part is obviously the cleaner section, whereas the plastic is handler that you grab while cleaning. An amazing design of the product lets you keep your hands safe from any chemicals and bacteria.
  • Moreover, the size for each toilet pumice stone is 32×19 cm, which is suitable for you to carry, as well as fits toilet and sink easily.
  • What’s more, the toilet pumice stone can be used for the kitchen as well, in order to clean your basin in the kitchen. However, we recommend you to use different toilet pumice stones for your bathroom and kitchen. Thus, you can avoid any inconvenience.

Toilet Pumice StoneToilet Pumice Stone

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