Stove Counter Gap Cover



Keep your kitchen cabinetry flawless and perfect with a stove counter gap cover. It helps your kitchen gaps to stay clear and eliminates any possibility of insect attack that food pieces cause.

Stove gaps are the most common problem in the kitchen. As all the cooking process is going on around the stove, we always get a mess here. For the most times, food pieces go into the gaps near the stove counter. It results in collected dirt here, which attracts insects, mice and looks very anti-hygienic. However, keeping your stove counter gaps is very easy and simple. The thing that you need is a stove counter gap cover, which is a silicone that fits the stove gaps in the kitchen. The soft and adjustable material can be cut for any size of kitchen cabinetry. It is an excellent tool for avoiding challenging kitchen cleaning. You can easily set it up and remove when you want. Cleaning of the stove counter gap cover is also very straightforward. You can either remove and wash it or clean it in the place you installed.

Stove Counter Gap Cover

Distinguished characteristics

  • Comfortable installation and usage is the main advantage of the stove counter gap cover. The length is adjustable according to your kitchen furniture. You can put the cover on the gap and cut it with scissors in the length that you wish.
  • The quality of the material is perfectly elastic, however, it does not get scratched, melted or wrapped if you install it properly.
  • You can easily wash it under the water by removing it or in the place where you put it. Moreover, it is dishwasher friendly, so you can put it in the dishwasher too.
  • The size of the stove counter gap cover is 53.5cm x 5.5 cm. If you need less width you can cut the width as well.
  • Additionally, there are 3 different colors such as white, black and clear. So that you can match your furniture to get a lovely look.

Stove Counter Gap CoverStove Counter Gap Cover


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