Sticky Gel Pad

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Stick your small personal belongings just near you inside your car easily. A sticky gel pad is an incredible car accessory that allows you to put anything anywhere inside your car and they will not slip at all. It is two-sided polymer material that prevents any kind of material from slipping.

As a driver, your car is your second home. You should be comfortable inside your car and be able to use all the necessary personal belongings easily. However, surfaces in the car are not always comfortable to put things. Therefore, usually, you search for things for a long time or cannot reach while driving when you are alone. Sticky gel pad from KANGOEX will bring a new age into your life with making life easier inside the car. It is a sticky gel pad that you stick it anywhere in your car. The sticky gel pad prevents things from slipping. In other words, by sticking the sticky gel pad you will be able to put anything near you, so you access easily.

Sticky Gel Pad

Product specification and benefits

  • The material for the sticky gel pad is high polymer elastic material. This is resistant to heat and deformation and you can use it in subzero temperature. Meaning that the sticky gel pad is useful for all material, surfaces, and conditions without exception.
  • Moreover, the size is proper to the basic daily used things such as mobile phone, mini accessories, pennies, keys, sunglasses and many more. Thus, the exact size is 13×7 cm for each sticky gel pad. There 2 colors available such as black and transparent, so you can choose the one that fits you.
  • Addition to that, the main usage of the sticky gel pad is to protect your mobile phone, glasses, any car accessories and many other moving objects. With a sticky gel pad, your objects will stay stable in the place you put them regardless of the speed of the car.

Sticky Gel PadSticky Gel Pad


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