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Do you want to protect your feet by also waling barefoot wherever you want? These Stick on Soles are exactly what you are looking for!

We all love walking barefoot. Especially at beach, parks or on the grass right in your yard. But sometimes it can be a bit dangerous. What if your feet is allergic to external substances on the ground? What if there are tiny stones and other things that may harm your feet? You can say goodby to all these worries with KANGOEX Stick on Soles!

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How does this product work?

It is enough to wear Stick on Soles under your feet, and it takes care of the rest. It sticks to your feed and stays there as long as you want it. There is no pain with wearing, taking off and walking with it throughout the day. On contrary, it protects your soles from external substances, such as tiny stones, glass, rocks and more by allowing you to walk around barefoot freely.

Were I can wear this Stick on Soles?

  • In Parks: Wear it while you are having rest with your friends and family, or alone in your favorite park. Especially, when you want to talk on the grass to feel its freshness with your soles!
  • At Pools: You love swimming at pool, but also want to stand and walk around it freely without risk of falling down due to the wet feet and ground? This product is a perfect wearable for you to keep yourself safe while enjoying the pool!
  • At Beaches: Sometimes sand is extremely hot. Sometimes there are tiny rocks and stones that makes walking on sand very uncomfortable. With sticks on soles you don’t need to worry about them at all. It protects your soles against any tiny obstacle.
  • On Street: Sometimes you might need to walk barefoot on the street. But what if roads are dirty? Everyone knowst that there are millions of bacteria around. You don’t want them touch your skin, right? Great. With Stick on Soles, you’ll protect your feet skin, by also gettin a freedom to walk anywhere you want!

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