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Stay cool whenever and wherever you want? This Portable Air Conditioner will do this magic for you!

Summers can be harsh. Especially, when you are in a place where you don’t have a proper air conditioning. Should it be an indoor place, or during your travels, everyone knows that heat can deeply affect our mood, energy and general well being. But worry no more! This portable air conditioner is one of its kind! You can carry it with yourself wherever you go, and turn it on to cool yourself instantly!

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What are the benefits of the product?

  • Cools down the air instantly;
  • As name says, portable. You can carry it with yourself anywhere you go;
  • Humidifies the air;
  • Purifies the air;
  • Easily chargeable. Charge ones and let it work for you 8 hours straight!
  • Complicated air conditioners are very costly. They use a lot of energy and significantly increase your electricity bill. This one in turn, saves your budget as it doesn’t require continuous electricity all day long.
  • Looks like a great accessory on your table!

How does the Portable Air Conditioner work?

It works just as any other air conditioning system. This small yet powerful device pulls the warm air from your environment, uses water filter to cool down that air and returns it back to you. But the major difference is that, you cannot move other air conditioning systems with yourself. But this device will go with you anywhere you take it!

In addition to its great benefit of making the air around you comfortable, it is also very quiet. You won’t notice something is working just next to you.

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How I can use it?

Simply fill it with water and charge it with any USB charger. It charges very fast, and will get you cool air for 8 hours non-stop.

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