Military Belt for Waist

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military belt
Military Belt for Waist

This military belt will help you to look stylish with your outfit. If you want to portray a strong figure among others this belt is just for you. A quality product will last for years. Rather than serving as a fashion product, these belts are multi-functional and easy to use.

military beltmilitary belt


The official goal is to prevent cars from hitting soldiers (military belt) who run in the morning light. And the day when soldiers are most likely to run. It is a palliative measure that has become permanent.

military belt

The Army spent a lot of money incorporating brainstorming into the uniform for improving fitness in the late 1990s. But the reflection material is not reflected well enough to be visible from afar (military belt).

Instead of simply asking the manufacturers to do the job for which they were paid, the Army first used the reflective armbands (designed for the cyclists’ legs) and then the reflective belt. With around $ 10 each. And this is only a small part of the defense budget. But it was completely wasted since the reflective material (military belt) had already been paid for the PT uniform.

military belt

The US Air Force also wears the belt and uses it obsessively during the training of the aviators. And allegedly causing an incident in which a driver hit several aviators at a crosswalk. in Texas (military belt)

In a typical military command style, instead of trying to determine. Although, if the driver (military belt) or pedestrians were to blame, or even install a lamppost, the chain of command was punishing the entire. Air Force training command in Forcing them to use belts. Reflective with all uniforms every night may be present or even suspected in neighboring states.


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