Massage Roller Ball

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Massage Roller Ball has the design of the mirror therapist’s hand. It is your self-therapist to reduce muscle tension and relieving your aches and pains.

Massage Roller Ball is perfect for Reflexology, Piriformis Syndrome, Acupressure, Mobility, also Spine Health & Deep Tissue Massage Treatment. Therefore, use it to hit more specific areas of your body that foam roller can’t reach!

Massage Roller Ball

What are the main benefits of the product?

  • EXPERIENCE INSTANT PAIN RELIEF: Strategically spiked foot & body massaging balls will also bring you instant relief and muscle recovery to your foot, hamstrings & quadriceps. This ball roller can be a great help in your muscle pain treatment – rehabilitation process.
  • DEEP TISSUE TREATMENT FOR LARGE MUSCLE GROUP: GR high-density health massage therapy ball withstands up to 300 lbs for serious muscle tension relief. The deep knobs reach far into inner muscles & joints to iron out knots, relieve tightness, & and improve circulation.
  • NEW DESIGN MASSAGE THERAPY: However, the GR massage roller ball is designed to mirror the therapist’s hand. So, we have two kinds of spiky, which is suitable for all sense of touch. It is your self-therapist to reduce muscle tension and relieving your aches and pains.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL AGES & LEVELS OF PHYSICAL FITNESS: Moreover, from Beginners to Athletes our deep tissue health massage ball has been created to solve a variety of sports, work, and age-related problems! Physical issues like fibromyalgia relief & treatment, also muscle knots relaxers, and myofascial release. these personal discomforts can be solved and healing can begin via our deep tissue massages of your body’s point massage.

Massage Roller Ball

What are the main specifications of the product?

  • Brand Name is a circle
  • Functions as Muscle Relex Apparatus
  • Size dimension is 80
  • The material of the Massage Roller Ball is PU

Massage Roller Ball

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