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Turn water into an ice whenever and wherever you want with our Ice Maker

Everyone of us faces situations where we are in a need of ice immediately. For example, you might need it for to chill in the hot days, or simply make your drinks colder when hanging out with your friends outside. Whatever the reason, this Ice Maker will be your magical chilling companion all the time!

ice making machine

Ice Maker features

  • Portable. Despite its amazing possibilities, this device is portable. Unlike extremely heavy refrigerators, you can carry it with yourself wherever you want.
  • Fast. You’ll get ice whenever you want. Simply put a water bottle on top of it, provide settings, and it will turn that water into an ice!
  • Efficient refrigeration. This Ice Maker doesn’t only make ice, but also keeps it for a later use with its great refrigeration feature.
  • Smart control. You’ll be able to tune settings and give it a command on how fast you want your ice. It will take care of the rest.
  • LED status indicator. This machine shows you status on its LED screen, so you can always be informed about what it is doing.

ice making machine LED

Tell me more. How much ice does it make? And how long does it take to do so?

It takes from 8 to 10 minutes for the Ice Maker to make a single ice. If you’ll keep it running for 24 hours, you’ll get 25kg of ice as a result of this time. Each ice will weight approximately 7.6 gram.

Where I can use it?

  • At home. That’s right. If you think your ice tray is taking too much space in your refrigerator, you can simply let this Ice Maker create and keep the ice. Doing so, you’ll free up more space for your food in the freezer.
  • While you are camping. You definitely need something to make your drinks cold. Especially when you are camping outside with your friends. And especially if it is a summer season. Being portable and easily carried will help you to take it with yourself. The only things you will need is water and electricity to power it up and keep it running.
  • Or wherever you need an ice 🙂

ice making machine bottles


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