Hydro Cooling Sun Hat

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Hydro Cooling Sun Hat

Feel cool in the extremely sunny weather. A hydro cooling sun hat is an amazing headwear that protects you from extreme sunshine and keeps you cooler. With hydro cooling sun hat, you will be able to do your outdoor works with great ease.

Sunshine has drawbacks besides its positive effects. Especially if there are extreme heat and sunshine outside, you cannot stay out for a long time. First of all, it is hot you sweat, secondly, having a sunshine effect on your head for a long time is bad for your health. The hydro cooling sun hat is an amazing hat that protects you from the sun and makes you feel cooler. Special material of the hydro cooling sun hat prevents extra sun rays to affect your head. Moreover, it has special material inside that makes your head feel cool.

Hydro Cooling Sun Hat

Product specifications and benefits

  • The hydro cooling sun hat has a special material that allows you to work in outdoor comfortably for a long time in hot weather. Moreover, you can participate in any event or activity in the hot sun without getting hurt or sweating heavily.
  • The material for the hydro cooling sun hat nylon cloth, knitted fabric, and EVA foam. These materials together form the excellent effect that to get from the hydro cooling sun hat. The size of the hat is 35×40 cm. Addition to that the head size is standard but fits almost all sizes.
  • Additionally, the hydro cooling sun hat is light and breathable. In other words, it does not add extra weight on you to carry and keeps your head fresh. Because it contains the same fabric with garments and it makes it extra comfortable.
  • What’s more, the hydro cooling sun hat blocks the 80% of sun rays and 99% of UV rays. Furthermore, it has an evaporating effect that keeps head dry and cools it. You feel 20 degrees cooler than in the heat.

Hydro Cooling Sun HatHydro Cooling Sun Hat


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