Hover Ball

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Hover ball
Hover Ball

Hover ball playing at home becomes much easier, now it is possible without risking to damage floor and furniture.

Flat ball, slides across the floor and glows! It looks like a soccer ball. But they cannot break or damage anything in the apartment! Playing with hover ball is practically the same if you have a usual soccer ball. Only the probability that it will damage everything that will come in a way disappears. You can play on any surface not only on laminate, parquet but even on the carpet. Hover ball does not scratch the surface due to it hovers in the air

Hover ball

Inside the body, it contains the LED backlighting, which attracted a lot of children. The colorful led lights increase more fun and entertainment to this toy ball. LED working in two colors red and lilac, so this ball can be played at night.  The fan blows from inside, so you can slightly feel the whiff. It works quietly. Due to it, the flow of air picks up the ball a few millimeters on the surface. From each side, the toy is covered with a soft material such as polypropylene, which does not allow it to hit the walls with noise, and the ball gently bounces off obstacles. Despite the fact material is very soft it does not damage or tear down. To practice football skills hover ball is a perfect tool. Except for playing indoor, it also can be played outdoors on the ballpark and green grass. The benefits of using this ball instead of the usual soccer ball are that all your furniture will remain safe.

Hover ballHover ball


This unusual gift will surprise the entire family, and especially, of course, little children! Enjoy the KANGOEX product with your friends of the same age, or with your pets together.


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