Foldable Hanger

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Save a place at your home and let your wardrobe look tidy. The foldable hanger is a type of hanger that you can easily fold it in the case it is not needed. In other words, you can easily free your wardrobe from unwanted hangers and open them when you need.

Hangers are one of the most essential household supplies that everybody uses. They are everywhere – at home, at the office and anywhere. You cannot imagine your life without hangers, as they consist of the main part of every wardrobe. Therefore, everyone has a lot of hangers. However, do they use all of them? Are they happy with a lot of empty hangers in their wardrobe? Of course, not. KANGOEX solves your unseen but important issue with foldable hanger. The foldable hanger is a fantastic hanger that you can fold it when you do not need it. By using the foldable hangers you will be able to free space inside your wardrobe. So your clothes will be tidier and the chance of getting wrinkle will decrease. Because there will be fewer clothes and more free spaces.

Foldable Hanger

Specifications and advantages

  • The foldable hanger is an incredible tool that you can place is compactly and use when you need. Unlike the regular hanger, the foldable hanger can be stored easily. You can buy a lot of foldable hangers and keep them in the drawer. So, it will be easy to find hanger when you immediately need one.
  • Moreover, the perfect design of the foldable hanger is suitable for all kind of dress. So, you can hang anything you want easily. The foldable hanger is skidproof and holds your clothes steadily.
  • Additionally, the foldable hanger has many different colors. However, the color is sent randomly. The size for the folded version is 14 cm, which convenient to store anywhere you want. Also, you can easily carry it wherever you desire. The size for open version is 44 cm.

Foldable HangerFoldable Hanger


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