Face Mask Anti Coronavirus

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Face mask, coronavirus mask, coronavirus in usa
Face Mask Anti Coronavirus

How to protect yourself and your loved ones from coronavirus? One of the ways is to use Face Mask Anti Coronavirus. 

This high-quality cotton face mask will protect you from external viruses. Therefore, you can use it as a preventive method for yourself and your loved ones. If you are still commuting to work you have to be extremely careful about your health. Nowadays can see the increasing amount of cases of coronavirus in the USA and it’s called the Covid-19 pandemic. Face Mask Anti Coronavirus is not only gives extra protection to the current virus but also keep you safe from industrial pollution. During the cold days, a coronavirus mask will keep you warm. Especially, during the spring if you are allergic to pollen, this mask is perfect for you.

Face mask, coronavirus mask, coronavirus in usa

What are the key features of this mask? 

  • This face mask is extremely easy to wear, due to its adjustable buckles you can wear coronavirus mask comfortably.
  • Plastic nose part, increase breathing space of the nose. Thereby, breathing will be easier and smooth. Your face and nose shape is not crucial. You can adjust these face masks according to your face. Moreover, its sealing effect will allow you to get rid of all the pollution outside.
  • The special U-shaped design will not cause any problems with communication, as the design increased the mouth, jaw comfort and sealing.
  • These face masks were made out of polypropylene fabric, which keeps your face warm and dry. Because of the fact that the cotton layer will absorb all the moisture.
  • These five layers filter will provide extra protection from all sorts of pollutions.

Face mask, coronavirus mask, coronavirus in usa

Here are our tips for you to protect yourself from viruses, especially from this increasing coronavirus in the USA.

Face mask, coronavirus mask, coronavirus in usa

  • Change the plug-in filter once a week, please note that it cannot be cleaned.
  • Wash the mask with water, but do not soak.



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