Eyeliner Stencil

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Symmetric eyeliners are not magic anymore. Apply your eyeliner perfectly symmetric just in seconds with excellent makeup tool – eyeliner stencil.

Eye makeup is the most important and time-consuming part of the overall makeup. The most effort is spent on the eyes while you want to create a gorgeous look. As it is very challenging to apply all the makeup symmetrically, the process takes a very long time. Eyeliner is the hardest part when you want to be symmetric. Now, you do not need to watch long makeup tutorials or pay for professional artists to get beautiful eyeliner. Eyeliner stencil is a remarkable makeup tool that every woman desires. It is a plastic eyeliner wing-shaped template that helps to apply your eyeliner evenly on each side. By getting amazing eyeliner stencil you will save your time and have an admirable eye makeup. The only thing is left for you afterward is to catch all the attention around you.

Eyeliner Stencil

What are the instructions?

  • Using eyeliner stencil is very simple and straightforward. Firstly, choose the type of wing you want to apply to your eyes.
  • Then put the stencil on your eye and apply your eyeliner inside the template. Here you are! The perfect eyeliner wings are ready just in seconds.
  • There are 2 types of eyeliner in the box. One for top eyeliner and one for the bottom one. Bottom eyeliner application is the same as the top one. 


  • The size of the eyeliner stencil is 4 x 7.3 cm and the package consists of 2 types of eyeliner template. One of them is for top eyeliner wing and the other is for bottom contour.
  • The bottom eyeliner stencil can be used for eyeshadow application as well. Just put the bottom eyeliner on the top side of your eye and indicate the circle where you want to apply your eyeshadow.
  • Moreover, you can turn the top eyeliner stencil around 180-degree angles and fill your eyebrows too.
  • The stencil will save your time and decrease the time dramatically that you spend on eyeliner application during the makeup. What’s more, you will not have to worry about symmetry problems.

Eyeliner StencilEyeliner Stencil


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