Elastic Nylon Hairbands 100 pcs Set

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Elastic Nylon Hairbands 100 pcs Set

Upgrade your hair accessories with KANGOEX Elastic Nylon Hairbands. It contains 100 pieces in the set.

At one time or another, you most likely want to tear your hair from your face. But any old hair tie won’t work: catch some of the ponytail wearers and break dry or thin hair; Others make wrinkles in thick and frizzy hair. Wear the wrong hair tie and your stylist can probably see the breakage and damage at a glance. But KANGOEX’s 100 pcs set of Elastic Nylon Hairbands are the great solution.

hairbands, elastic, nylon

Below features distinguish these bands from the other ones. 

  • Elastic Nylon Hairbands are Handmade with many high-quality beads.
  • Easy to use and does not damage the scalp.
  • Suitable for all hair types: thick to thin, long or short.
  • The solid and lightweight construction keeps your hair in place and makes it comfortable to use.
  • Clear petal texture, at each end, natural and realistic, the rich gradient of color, natural transition.

For short cuts, braided ties or other minor twists, these Elastic Nylon Hairbands relies on these bands that slide and slide easily and are available in five compact sizes. The ribbons for hair clear and reusable disappear even with the most complex hairstyles.

hairbands, elastic, nylonhairbands, elastic, nylon

Although the appearance of these Elastic Nylon Hairbands may seem scary at first glance, rubber bands are a popular option since these rubber bands open with hooks at each end. You may think that they may be more harmful to the hair and more difficult to use. But in reality, they are safer than traditional elastics.

Large and somewhat delayed compared to previous decades, the beloved ones are great hair ties with an elastic heart. Elastic Nylon Hairbands are perfect for a flexible fit that does not damage the hair, especially during sleep or during exercise. The favorite current has expanded its braided bands and the leaner options, they did not have the classic favorites of the past.


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