Drain Blaster Cleaner

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Drain Blaster Cleaner

$122.99 $58.99

You are one trigger away from unclogging your sink or toilet with KANGOEX’s Drain Blaster. 

Drain Blaster is a small gun-type device that allows you to open your sinks and toilets by simply pulling a trigger. How does it work if you use the pump at the top of the unit to create air pressure? Moreover, if you have enough pressure, just place it at the end of your sink or toilet and press the trigger? This will eject a massive puff of air into your pipes and release the parent load you previously sent.

Drain Blaster

With Drain Blaster, you can save a lot of money by calling a plumber or buying a product containing these harsh chemicals. It is also versatile and effective against the significant clogging of dirt, hair, and waste such as oil, ice, soda, and spirits.

The Drain Blaster blower comes with all the accessories you need to put in your sinks, baths, and toilets. Simply place the required accessories at the end of the device and push it into the drain.

Drain Blaster

You do not need to spray water when trying to use a plunger in your toilet. Therefore, you do not need stronger chemicals that come out of your hose or wait for days. The arrival of a plumber, if you decide to go there. With Drain Blaster you can now simply pull the trigger and make a clean and flowing drain every time.

Use this blaster in three easy steps:

  • Install the appropriate plug according to the pipe diameter
  • Pump the hand pump about 10 to 20 times until you cannot pump into the air to get high-pressure gas.
  • Block the outlet of the pipe and make it waterproof. Press the shutter button to release the high-pressure gas from Drain Blaster.

Drain Blaster

If you have any questions regarding Drain Blaster feel free to contact us before purchase. Our contact team is available 7 days a week.


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