Double Eyelids Tape

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double eyelids
Double Eyelids Tape

Having an apparent eyelid without any surgery? Yes, now it is possible with Double Eyelids Tape. Easy to wear and use during the day!

The double eyelids band is a popular beauty item that improves the eyes by defining a fold or crease in the eyelids and enlarging the appearance. Anyone can wear eye shadow, but it works best if the lids still do not have well-defined wrinkles. Attaching eyelid bands is easy, and attaching eyelid bands is best done with a lid tip.

double eyelids

How to benefit from this eye lift product? 

  • It is important to start with a clean slate. Therefore, wash your face thoroughly before applying the double eyelids tape. This will ensure that the tape will adhere well and remain in place throughout the day.
  • Dry your face thoroughly after washing, then wait about 5 minutes for the eyeliner tape to be applied to ensure that there is no moisture on the skin.
  • Use tweezers or your nails to remove a strip of double eyelids from the holder. You should also remove the plastic part that covers the eyelid band. The straps may be the right size for your eyelids, or you may need to trim them. The stripes should be slightly shorter than the width of your eyes.
  • When you have found the new fold that you want to create, place the band in the area where you want to create the new fold. Then carefully press the eyelid with the stylus and apply this new fold. When you push in the eyelid, open the eye and hold it for a second. Then remove the branch while keeping your eyes open.
  • If the double eyelids band does not hold, you can start with a new piece or add an eyelid tape to the band for a stronger hold. Just apply a small amount of eyelid tape to the tape and wait for it to partially dry, then rinse it before replacing the eyelid with the needle.

double eyelidsdouble eyelids


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