Crocodile Dentist Toy

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Crocodile Dentist Toy

$11.99 $5.99

Assess your child’s reaction with an entertaining tool. Crocodile Dentist will become your new buddy in the process of the development of your little angel. 

Children are the most precious part of our lives. Their development and care totally shape their future from the beginning. Therefore, building the right reflexes and behavior is based on us – adults to support their further improvements. Crocodile Dentist is a little cute toy that will make your time with your child more enjoyable, as well as informative for both you and your child. It is a board game that allows parents to assess their child’s reactions and develop reflexes in a joyful way. The teeth of that lovely dentist are pullable. Thus, a child enters the finger into the crocodile’s mouth and pulls any teeth. The crocodile closes its mouth. The child learns when to react and get back the finger while practicing and playing with the Crocodile Dentist. 

Crocodile Dentist

If you are still concerned about the effect, then look at the facts below:

  • Nowadays, children can be shy and timid. So, they need proper care and training at early ages to be ready for the outside world. That’s why tracking their reaction to different events is important. Crocodile Dentist is one of the cheapest and effective tools for that. The child easily plays with this toy and unintentionally learns the reactions. 
  • Moreover, you can spend quality time with your child while teaching. Crocodile Dentist will also help you to teach extra animals to your child. Let your parenting be much more fun than the others’. With Crocodile Dentist, you will know your child better than anyone. Also, with this amazing toy, your child will become a smarty. 
  • The toy is made of plastic and the proper size is 7.5cm x 5.5cm x 4cm. It is recommended for children above 3 years.


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