Coconut Opener Tool

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You do not need to suffer while opening a coconut anymore. Coconut opener will open any kind of coconut within a couple of seconds.

Nature gave us a myriad of delightful tastes and flavors. However, not all of them are easy to get. There are geographical constraints, as well as functional constraints to the accessibility. One of the tastiest fruits that mother nature gave us is coconut. As known, coconut has a very hard shell that people barely can open it. Coconut opener is a fantastic kitchen tool for the people who are in love with coconut. It is a 1 cm long steel stick that has a blade on it. The blade on coconut opener allows to dig into the coconut and drink its water with great pleasure. Moreover, coconut opener has a plastic handler, which is very user-friendly and comfortable for hands. 

Coconut Opener Tool

How to open a coconut?

  • Take your coconut opener and put it on the top a big tasty young coconut. 
  • Slowly rotate the opener and push inside gently. Do not push it immediately, as coconut opener can slip and harm your hand. Because there is a blade on the bottom of it. 
  • When you reach in the middle of the coconut, you pull back the opener. Here you are. You can enter a straw and drink your tasty coconut water with great pleasure. 

Coconut Opener ToolCoconut Opener Tool

Why should everyone have one?

  • Coconut opener eases the process of the coconut opening almost 10 or more times. You can open a coconut without any harm or struggle just in few seconds. 
  • It is a durable product made of steel and plastic. The size of the coconut opener is very small, which makes it easily portable. You can carry it in your bag and use it anywhere such as home, beach or party.
  • The cleaning of the opener is very simple and straightforward. You can wash it under the water, as the material is stainless.

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