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Are you a joker among your friends? Then we have something cool for you. Box spider is a perfect toy, which will amaze you while seeing your friend’s scared face. 

Almost everyone makes fun of their friends with various pranks and jokes. If you are tired of so many repetitive jokes and your versions finished, then try box spider. We all are kind of afraid of insects, specifically scary spiders. Moreover, let’s confess that seeing that random fear on the face of others is fun. Therefore, box spider is one of the best and unexpected funny gifts for your friends or colleague to create some joyful and funny moments. 

Box Spider - Prank Toy Look

How to use the toy?

  • Take the box on your hand and keep it closed.
  • Make a nice and innocent face and give the box to the person who will be scared of spiders.
  • The spider will jump out of the box once the person will open the box cover.
  • The perfect and super funny scene is ready for you. The only thing is to take your phone and catch that random scary faces and laugh out loud.

Box Spider - Prank Toy - How it works

The material of the box spider is safe for the children, which makes it a nice toy for children as well. It is a small box with a black, realistic, scary spider on it. A nice and regular look of the box spider makes a normal impression on the person. So, you can easily open up this innocent box and watch a super funny face of your friend. The box spider is an excellent gift for April Fool’s Day to make some extreme fun. A simple and nice box with a realistic spider is a decoration on your table too. If you are enjoying this kind of pranks, then do not wait until April Fool’s Day. Get your mysterious box and amuse your friends.


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